The Best Place to Have a Farm

Published: 30th April 2010
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Where is the best place to have a farm? The simplest answer to that question is probably: where your crops will grow. But nothing in life is ever easy, so you should consider a few basic facts.

What will you be growing on your farm? Some crops will only grow with specialized climates. Some crops like it hot and dry, some do not mind a bit of cold weather now and then. Knowing where your chosen crops grow best is the first step to knowing where the best place to have a farm in.

Will you be having animals on your farm as well? Some locations have regulations against certain animals, so you must know what are allowed and what are not allowed. The best place to have a pig farm for instance is near other animal farms, not where the neighbors will complain about the stench.

What size will your proposed farm be? Will you have a huge farm or will it be a smaller plot? Some areas are nothing but vast farms from one end to another, some are nothing but small places and some places are a blend of both. If your farm will be small, will it be swallowed up by the larger ones that surround it?

What about the other aspects of life? How are the schools or the shopping? Sure, a farm is a lot of work, but you have to get out every now and then for supplies, for education or for just a night out recharging your own batteries. If there is nothing in the immediate area, is there something within driving distance at least? And don't forget to find out how far you have to drive to get all necessaries for your farm everyday? What if your water supply is blocked for day? Are you ready for the challenge?

The right farm might come at the end of a very long search, or it can be right under your nose- you may have even grown up on the right farm for you. Knowing how much work it is to own a farm before you buy one will help, but if you have never done it for yourself, you would do best to do some research before stepping off the depression. Volunteer for a community farming project or sign up for a stay at a friend ranch to get your feet wet. If you cannot make it through that first week, then having a farm is not a good idea for you, no matter how right the farm might seem to be.

But, the best place to have a farm is the place that makes your heart swell with pride. The place where your crops sink their roots and your children will grow up dirty and happy. The best place to have a farm is the place that makes you weak with joy and strong with determination. The best place to have a farm is where you will fall in love with the land and call it home.

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